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Telecom Upheaval – buyer beware

You may have become aware of what is going on in the telecom provider space, or you may not be, depending on how close you are to the industry or your provider. This is not a doom and gloom article, but it is a warning to choose your provider carefully. As Covid rolls...

50 years Mentoring

Given all the challenges our young people face today, we have celebrated over 50 years of success by mentoring young people, so let's try harder over the next 50.

Smart Talk Cloud Phone Systems

Check more about the Smart Talk Cloud Hosted PBX Is a Cloud Phone system right for you and your business? Do you even know what a Cloud Phone System is? If you are in Toronto or the GTA or across Canada, does it make a difference if you get a Cloud Phone System of...

XIMA Call Recording

The XIMA Call Recording solution, Chronicall, provides an impressive collection of tools to help a business manage phone records.

The Hidden Cost of Going Cisco

There’s no escaping the need for full-service voice and data communication services for businesses functioning in the fast-based, technology permeated environment of the digital age.