Data Networking and Ethernet Routing Switches

Ethernet Routing Switches

Smart IP delivers data networking security products which optimize security for applications and services, including VoIP, SIP, wireless, and multimedia without affecting network performance and resiliency. Networks are protected and secured end-to-end from any infections or attacks that may disrupt the network performance.

Smart IP has trained staff to assist with implementation, design and consulting for your data network needs. We specialize in Voice over IP technologies which utilize data networking as the backbone of their communication. Our staff can help recommend any size implementation for you.

You can use IP telephony solutions to:

  • Provide highly secure, reliable, scalable communications that take advantage of your LAN and WAN
  • Improve employee agility and productivity through integration with innovative Cisco Unified Communications and third-party applications.

Avaya Ethernet Switches

The Avaya Ethernet Switch portfolio provides complete coverage, from basic branch office deployments to high-performance wiring closet, data center aggregation, and network core applications. Switches can be deployed individually or in combinations for highly reliable solutions that simplify service delivery and maximize application availability. Contact Avaya or an Avaya Authorized Partner to determine the best Ethernet switches for your business.

Ethernet Switches That Are Simple to Operate

Deploy these Ethernet Switches for a small or midsize company to power end-user devices throughout the office. They come with certified one-minute plug-and-play for IP phones, an intuitive management GUI, and automated set-up. It can be installed in open environments outside the wiring closet. Choose from 10-, 24- and 48-port variants, and standalone and stackable options. There are also fanless models for silent running in classrooms, hospitality suites, or retail sites. All are easy to install, manage, and run. Pace your growth with our resilient stacking design that supports pay-as-you-grow scaling. Use up to 80 Gbps of virtual backplane capacity and connection for up to 384 devices.

Ethernet Routing Switch 3500 Series

Simple to Operate:

Plug and play for IP phones, automated QoS provisioning, and GUI management simplify initial deployment as well as ongoing adds, moves, and changes.

Cost Effective

100+ enterprise class features, including PoE, PoE+, at price points that fit into tight budgets.

Easy Set-Up for Avaya IP Office

If you’re using Avaya IP Office for communications, our auto set-up really simplifies integration and provisioning.

Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series

Convergence-Ready Switches for the Wiring Closet and Network Edge

Deliver high-performance

Resilient Ethernet connectivity for wiring closet and network edge deployments.

Featuring stacking technology

with twice the virtual bandwidth of leading competitors, superior energy efficiency, and ease of operation, the Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 can address the most demanding converged edge requirements.

Consolidate voice, video, and data on a single infrastructure.

Infrastructure that supports PoE/PoE+, plug-and-play for IP phones, and sophisticated QoS. These Ethernet switches help ensure that your network is ready for advanced collaboration applications or technologies.

Smooth Implementation

Our stacking technology combines a non-blocking internal switch fabric with a high-speed backplane to deliver more than twice the virtual backplane capacity of leading competitors’ solutions. These switches support unit hot swapping and auto-configuration that minimizes disruption to other switches and traffic.

Solid Performance

Designed to keep the most demanding collaboration applications running optimally, the Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series supports both PoE and PoE+, sophisticated QoS, and plug and play for IP phones.


Superior Energy Efficiency

These Switches are on average 36% more energy efficient than competitive solutions. They include Avaya’s Energy Saver solution that can dim power consumption for both the switch and IP phones by 25% during off-peak hours without losing telephony connectivity.

Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series

Premium Stackable Chassis for the Network Edge, Innovative, Versatile, Highly Scalable Stacking Adds Capacity and Performance Where You Need It

Deliver highly available Ethernet connectivity

Ethernet connectivity for delay-sensitive and business-critical data and voice applications. Provide an effective solution for challenging environments with advanced

Layer 3 routing services.

Add the Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series in the wiring closet for a ready path to network convergence with PoE+, granular QoS, and 10 Gigabit uplinks.

Connect servers across racks

Connect servers across racks and increase application performance using the ERS 5000 Series as 1 Gigabit Top-of-Rack option.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

As a price-per-port leader for resilient, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet, the Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series keeps TCO low.

Improve Application Responsiveness

Wire-speed performance coupled with industry leading QoS-aware stack virtualization enhances traffic flows and optimizes applications.

Versatile Deployment Options

Available in models supporting 10/100/1000 connectivity, 10GbE uplinks, and Layer 3 Routing, the Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series can flexibly address a range of advanced enterprise needs.

Virtual Services Platform 4000 Series

Edge Device for Fabrics, Multiple Services, and Multiple Tenants. Get An Edge, At the Edge

Simplify your network

By extending Avaya Fabric Connect to the campus, metro, or WAN edge. Designed for small sites, our Virtual Services Platform 4000 delivers full-featured network virtualization capabilities in a range of low-cost 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet platforms.

Deliver multiple services

Without managing multiple complex protocols, with the compact edge device in your network.

Leverage network virtualization technology easily

For small offices—and separate traffic to help meet regulatory or security requirements.

Provide rich multi-service

Functionality in multi-tenant environments—and help separate and protect each tenant’s traffic.

Simplify Your Network with Fabric Connectivity

Gradually phase out complex legacy technologies while delivering more services with a single next-generation technology.

Deliver New Business Services Faster

Increase your agility and respond more quickly to requests for new services with end-point provisioning that makes activating moves, adds, and changes easy—leaving the core of the network untouched.

Deploy One Technology for All Your Network Services

Rely on the industry’s first fabric-enabled edge platform to deliver Layer 2 and Layer 3 virtualization, optimized routing, and IP multicast across the entire enterprise, from data center to desktop.

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