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Carehawk® Paging Systems offer a state-of-the-art solution to augment or replace communication systems in school environments, healthcare facilities, correctional facilities, industrial settings, and commercial operations. In particular, school boards find what Carehawk® Paging Systems have to offer as an affordable, practical solution to improving communication at both the individual school and district level.

About Carehawk® Paging Systems

Carehawk® Paging Systems are a flexible phone, paging, and safety alert administration system that can be adjusted to meet a given facility’s unique needs. These systems implement software solutions that change a traditional school intercom system into a mass notification system that supports pre-recorded audio files for announcements and emergency pages. Carehawk® Paging Systems can work with existing legacy intercom systems in use at schools, making the installation affordable and not intrusive. The systems use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to minimize how much cable is needed to connect the system across a building, which offers both financial and practicality perks. Additionally, the paging system can work with existing security systems for additional functionality.

Why are Carehawk® Paging Systems Great for Schools?

Carehawk® Paging Systems major selling point for schools is they work as both a building-specific and cross-district intercom and communication system. Unlike older systems which needed to be run on a by-building basis, school boards and district administrators can send emergency alerts across the entire district without needing to individually contact schools. The system can broadcast live across an entire school district to send lockdown alerts, tornado warnings, and other important information. This paging system is a much faster way of getting important information out, which can make a huge difference in getting safety information out in less time.

Additionally, the classroom telephone technology offers its own set of perks. The phones feature authorization options for both “by phone” and “by user” to work with individualized security. The system can support a virtually unlimited number of classroom phones and uses minimal cabling to connect everything. The system also supports off-hook transfer and duress features for added safety for crisis situations. Carehawk® Paging Systems support legacy paging/intercom systems by converting IP audio to analog audio, so schools can use the system to extend existing paging system functionality instead of undertaking an expensive replacement process.

The VCALL™ system takes things a step further by eliminating the need to use a classroom or administrative telephone to use the system. CareHawk® Virtual Call Point software can run on classroom computers as an unobtrusive toolbar. Staff can quickly and easily access the system with a traditional keyboard and mouse interface. When running on laptops, the system offers portability to go with the user instead of being tied to a cabled terminal.

Working with a Vendor

SmartIP can help your school district customize and implement the Carehawk® Paging System to meet your unique needs. SmartIP’s cloud services hosted solutions are an Avaya Hosted IPO solution.


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