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Over the last year, traditional telephone companies have either started or planning the demise of the conventional analog and copper facilities in favour of fibre IP services. Several have raised their monthly rates.

Why is all of this happening?

It’s an excellent deal for telecom companies – fibre optics are more resilient to weather and curious squirrels, which makes them cheaper to maintain than POTS copper wire lines.

Also, by bundling all their services onto one cable, they can get more customers onto the high-speed internet services they expect will make up the bulk of their profits moving forward.

What’s to consider next?

Vendors of traditional suppliers like Toshiba, Panasonic, Shoretel, Nortel and others are no longer available to address how to support analog or convert these systems. Many of these manufacturers’ resellers have either disappeared or lack the skill to manage the IP changes.

Services like E911, Alarm systems, burglar alarms, and analog telephones, which were mandatory and will require backup power to be compliant, Fax service, and debit machines will also present challenges.

  • Moving to IP, in many cases, represents financial concerns. Specific industries have requirements for enhanced security on telephone calls, Fax; others like Legal, Financial, and healthcare have unique regulatory compliance requirements like PIPEDA, and others have voice encryption and PCI.

Where do I turn to get answers?

Smart IP, with over 50 years of trusted experience in Legal, Financial, Healthcare, Educational and others, has the advisors and Engineering resources to assist you in your obligation to meet the new and expanded government regulations. All the while respecting the financial implications changes make in today’s market.


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