What is it?

Unified Messaging collects the various streams of data coming in as communications and integrates them into one central messaging location, or hub, which also allows users to access the messages through various portals, whether it is a mobile device or a desktop PC. These incoming messaging streams can be Video, Fax, emails, txt, etc.

SmartIP Unified Messaging

What is Unified Messaging


Give Users the Telephone Interfaces They Want, Store the Messages Where You Want. Manage your messages (voicemail, e-mail, and fax) more effectively from your desktop or mobile device with Avaya Unified Messaging or ShoreTel Unified Messaging. From a single interface, users can prioritize and organize the plethora of messages received daily.

  • Access your email, voicemail, and faxes from a single interface.
  • Use a platform built for stability and flexibility. We use an all-Linux platform with local survivability and geo-redundant capabilities to serve large distributed or centralized configurations, with the option to store messages in an Avaya and/or Microsoft Exchange message store.
  • Use Avaya migration services to move from Octel Aria 250/350 and Intuity Audix systems to Avaya Aura® Messaging. Traditional voicemail users can continue their familiar Octel Aria and Intuity Audix experiences.
  • Use the only unified messaging system integrated with the Avaya Aura® Platform.