Sangoma Open Source Solutions


Smart IP has partnered with Sangoma, a leading global communications provider in open source solutions to provide business solutions based on rock solid open source IP PBX communication platforms. Sangoma’s global footprint extends to millions of customers using their products and services in leading PBX, IVR, contact center, carrier network, and data communication applications.

Sangoma is renowned for providing plug-and-play communications solutions for businesses that want the power of an enterprise-grade phone system at a price that is affordable. And Sangoma’s pricing models boost anticipated returns on investment for new phone systems by eliminating hidden fees, avoiding costly add-ons, and simplifying complicated licensing fees.

Sangoma is the primary developer and sponsor of Asterisk and FreePBX, the two largest open source communications projects in the world. This powerful engine of innovation keeps Sangoma’s commercial offerings on the cutting edge of VoIP security and reliability, as well as Unified Communications (UC) functionality.

Sangoma’s turnkey UC business phone systems can both scale up to accommodate large configurations for thousands of users as well as down for small businesses with just a few users, providing an affordable solution for every organization.

PBXact – Powerful and Flexible IP PBX built on FREE PBX 

PBXact is based on FreePBX and driven by the innovation of a very large community of developers who are committed to delivering the best features for every application.

PBXact Features

Advanced Recovery

PBXact maintains voice availability even during a server failure scenario, affordably satisfying one of the most critical requirements for today’s voice communications businesses.

Contact Center

Advanced built-in contact center features designed to help SMEs take care of their customers, improve operations, and increase their bottom line.


PBXact includes most of the basic and enhanced featured designed for SMBs.

Commercially Supported

PBXact is fully supported by Sangoma’s developers and support staff.


PBXact provides administrators and developers with access to the software in order to integrate with third party applications.


With PBXact, Sangoma IP phones automatically configure through Zero-Touch provisioning and built-in advanced phone applications.

Flexible User Interface

PBXact utilizes a flexible web-based GUI, which prevents vendor-locking you into using proprietary endpoints.

Add-on Features

PBXact is connected to a self-serve online store, allowing you to install enhancements as your business grows.

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