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A new standard In life safety communications

Power and Flexybilty

The CH1000(LT) is built on a powerful microcontroller platform that has at its core is a 32 bit 500 MHz multithreading microprocessor and up to 8 GBs of removable flash-based storage. Gone are the inflexible Eprom-based memory and the low-power 16 bit processors. This combination of processing power and memory storage gives the CH1000(LT) unprecedented flexibility. Simple software changes turn a traditional school intercom system into a corrections system or a mass notification system. Need your systems to work your way? Just call. The CH1000(LT) family of systems can be customized through our application engineering group.
The CH1000(LT) delivers better audio clarity and lower energy consumption due to its class D amplifier. The built in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) eliminates noise and improves voice intelligibility in acoustically-unfriendly environments. Any PBX iPBX telephone system can be integrated with the CH1000(LT) to allow access to paging and any other functions from facility telephone or cell phones.

The CareHawk CH1000(LT) uses a distributed cabling architecture that reduces the cable requirements by 2/3rds. For example, 256 audio points only need eight “home run” cables. In contrast, traditional systems would need 256 cables, which adds up to miles of extra cable and conduit, and thousands of dollars in unnecessary installation labor. The models SS16 and SS32 Security Switching Cards can be mounted up to 2700 feet away from the central cabinet. RJ45 terminations simplify the installation and eliminate the need for complicated 66 block/BIX punch down blocks.

Digital Audio and Control

Pre-recorded digital audio files can be added to the CH1000(LT) for automated emergency notification, or just for fun things like seasonal tones. Control the system using CareHawk Assistant PC based software. Assistant provides graphical control and much greater system information to users. Any PC or a touch screen can be used with an Assistant.

Safety and Security

The CH1000(LT) supports the addition of security devices and surveillance cameras on the same cable platform. Cameras can be triggered on motion or a schedule. Motion sensors or door contacts can monitor “out of bounds” areas during core facility hours when the traditional alarm system is turned off. A door station with a camera and speaker provide secured door phone functions. Access control system integration can connect cameras and pre-recorded warning messages to warn people away from off limits doors or alert staff of people entering.

Small to Large

The CH1000LT series gives you all the features of a full CH1000 but at a lower cost for smaller facility needs up to 64 audio points. The CH1000 series is designed to grow to 256 audio points and can be networked with up to 7 other systems to a maximum of 2048 audio points. The CH1000 supports CAT5, CAT3, twisted pair, shielded or unshielded, fibre optic cable environments.


A new standard In life safety communications



Build the life safety communication system that suits your facility’s needs! Not what your vendor wants you to buy.

State of the art

Designed in the 21st century for 21st century needs. CareHawk systems are built on a modern reliable technology platform.


You're in control

Harnessing the power of your network and the Internet to manage and maintain systems. Save maintenance dollars not having to drive to facilities.

User Friendly

Designed for people not engineers. Intuitive user interfaces and wizard driven communication devices help reduce the burden on non-technical staff.


CareHawk systems are built in North America, quality tested and come with a standard 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

District Wide Communications

CareHawk’s District Wide Communication solution provides facility staff a means of broadcasting live pages, like emergency pages, or any of the 10,000 pre-recorded announcements/emergency announcements across a group of facilities. Broadcast across a school district or any group of facilities over the groups Ethernet network.

A simple click of the mouse now allows school administrators the ability to send lockdown alerts or tornado warnings to a single school, a group of schools, or to the entire district at once. Hospitals can broadcast over their entire campus or across a group of facilities around the city. Activities can be tracked later with the built-in logging functions that includes a recording of the announcement sent.

Don’t have CH 1000’S?

Symbiont™ is a network voice communication node that allows for integration to legacy paging/intercom systems. No need to replace all of the districts paging systems to gain district wide communications.

Each Symbiont™ connects to any legacy paging/intercom system for broadcasting alerts and live announcements sent over the districts network infrastructure.

CareHawk product deploy seamlessly in many environments:

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