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Avaya IP Office is the right choice for any small business today – whether you are 5, 25 or 250 employees… just getting started or already established… have a single office, a home office or multiple stores/sites.

Avaya IP Office unifies your communications, providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle all their business communications on the device of their choice: their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone—using wired, wireless or broadband connections. IP Office easily adapts to your goals and budget and provides individual user productivity solutions to give each of your employees just the capabilities they need—whether it’s your receptionist, sales or service representatives, home telecommuter or on-the-go knowledge worker.

Avaya’s IP Office, one of the world’s leading small and mid-size business telephony solutions, installed and supported by Smart IP, Canada’s leading independent voice and data services integrator, is the winning combination.

Phone systems and networks have evolved. The reason why IP Office is often the leading installed system is that it works. It easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use, and easy to support. And most of all, it is easy on your cash. Let’s see why.

Can you simply engage your customers easily, and fully across all branches, seamlessly and consistently, and scale to meet growing needs? Those who now use IP Office say yes. Employees are everywhere, as are clients. Office space has been redefined, and is scattered, mobile, and fluid. And business has to move fast to meet customer expectations, which is a breeze, if, you are empowered with the right voice and data solution, otherwise, it is stressful, and frustrating. If you lose time and ease, you lose productivity, focus, and time when you can’t easily respond to your customer needs, then your customers feel the lag, feel the issues, and things turn sour, as expectations are not met. Your system should be invisible to business, and facilitate results, not get in the way of them. This is why so many small and mid-size businesses have chosen IP Office.

And what do we mean by small and mid-size business when it comes to IP Office capabilities? Anywhere from 5 to 3,000 users, and from 1 to 150 separate systems at different sites.

Engage with your employees and customers like never before. Respond immediately. Share information, anytime, anywhere, via any device. You’ll have the power of a unified communications system that lets you engage everyone—your people, your customers, your partners. A system that’s incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple to use. Go ahead and grow—IP Office is fully capable of handling up to 3,000 users in a single site or across multiple sites.

Phone & Device Compatibility

Supported Devices:

  • IP Phones
  • Digital phones
  • Analog phones
  • Softphones
  • Analog and Digital Cordless (including DECT)
  • Any mix of the above

Avaya provides a full across the board solution in IP Office, and brings everything together. From telephony and video to mobility and contact center applications, to networking, security, and ongoing services, Avaya IP Office will help give your business a competitive edge. Let you do more, with less. Drive profitable growth, without driving up costs. Perform better now and in the future as you grow.

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    Avaya Contact Center

    • A Single Interface for Managing All Customer Interactions
    • Support Customers’ Channel Preferences
    • Phone Calls, Chat, IM, Email
    • Skills Based Routing
    • Provide a Seamless Customer Experience Across Channels
    • Manage Your Contact Center Performance
    • Overflows
    • Supervisor Software

    Avaya contact center (2)

    Avaya One-X Mobile

    • Calling over WiFi
    • Corporate Call Appearance

    • Instant Messaging

    • Corporate Visual Voicemail

    • Automated Call Handling
    • Lowered LD
    • Conferencing
    • Phone Status Appearance

    Avaya One-X

    For Small to Mid-size Businesses


    With its ability to scale from 5 to 3000 users at a single site (or across as many as 150 locations), IP Office delivers sophisticated communications, ideally suited to companies that want powerful, business-impacting communications. IP Office is an industry leader in low total cost of ownership and unique in its ability to grow in both scale and sophistication enhancing productivity in a solution that’s right for your budget and resources.

    Branch offices:

    Large enterprises with branch offices confront the cost and complexity of keeping everyone communicating. Avaya makes it easy to connect to headquarters locations, including those with Avaya Aura®, the award-winning enterprise communications system that powers over 85 percent of the Fortune 500.

    Team Management:

    Avaya collaboration solutions bring talented individuals together to form exceptional teams – to collaborate faster, make smarter decisions and drive better business results. Being able to communicate
    anytime, on any device is critical today, and IP Office delivers what matters most: responsiveness, accessibility, productivity—by taking collaboration to a whole new level. It’s all about uniting your collective strengths and delivering your collaborative best.

    Built-in Web Collaboration:

    Engage with colleagues like you are in the same room. Use your PC, Mac or Apple iPad device and share documents over the easy to-use Avaya interface.


    Enhanced desktop communications:

    Streamline communications — in the office or at home. Click to dial, see who’s available with presence, sync your calendar and more. Communications-enable desktop apps like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync and Salesforce.

    Your tablet, your business phone:

    Now you can make and receive business calls right from your Apple iPad device. Check colleagues’ presence and instant message (IM) to stay connected.

    Flexible mobility:

    Bring full desktop communications to your iPhone or Android smartphone devices.

    Video Collaboration:

    From a built-in HD video softphone and mobile video applications to full room-based video conferencing, Avaya delivers powerful video options proven to enhance productivity.

    How You’ll Succeed With Avaya IP Office

    • Your company directory in the palm of your hand
    • Set up, manage conference calls from your smartphone
    • Video on the go
    • Take your phone extension with you
    • Prioritize messages
    • Map and track mobile workers
    • Use presence to find and reach the right people
    • Supervisor Software


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