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The XIMA Call Recording solution, Chronicall, provides an impressive collection of tools to help a business manage phone records. The system stores and organizes records of every call for monitoring and reference use. It is an ideal solution for call management, particularly for call centers, customer support, keeping legal records, and for general record keeping purposes. The system is built for tracking and evaluating both individual and group performance.

The system is generally used for high-level management, but it has other uses. If you forgot what someone said on an important call or lose your notes this system will help you out. Your organization may opt to use the system to simplify staff call evaluation or to get an easy reference method for following up on customer complaints about a call.

XIMA Chronicall

The XIMA Chronicall system includes two parts in the standard license: Standard Reports and Cradle to Grave. Standard Reports is an administrative system that lets your organization acquire specific information about every call. The Standard Reports system features real-time monitoring, agent dashboards, and alerts on top of generating reports. The real-time reporting system builds on the Standard Reports system and allows administrators to see what employees are doing through widgets, dashboards, and other statistical displays. Administrators can filter through missed calls, abandoned calls, and call durations within the system. The system can generate alerts for things like a change in average call durations or a change in call frequency.

The Cradle to the Grave system is the archival side of the package: it records and stores copies of each phone call from pick-up to hang-up. The system creates a complete audio archive of every bit of information from each phone call. Whether your organization is looking to keep call records for reference, evaluate employee call performance, or keep a legal record, this system has you covered. It creates a recording library of all phone calls and compresses the calls so they fit into a reasonable amount of storage. The system uses the SPX file format. Compression also simplifies and expedites the backup process. The system has built-in encryption features if your organization is concerned about security–which is extremely important in cases like a medical service keeping patient records safe. This system offers call filtering to help an administrator find specific calls. Users can distribute call recordings via email and download if needed. The system also keeps track of notes for calls and offers playback speed adjustment.

The Contact Center solution provides additional functionality for high-volume call management. This solution is an ideal option for call center management. It utilizes a uniquely designed call flow pattern, Intelligent Highest Skill First system which helps pair callers with the most qualified agent to answer their question. The Queue Callback system adds the ability for callers to be put on a callback list.

SmartIP offers online hosted solutions through cloud services to help improve how your organization operates. XIMA Call Recording is one of many solutions we provide.


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