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Avaya Hosted Contact Center features a robust set of tools to help small-to-midsize businesses enhance customer interactions. A hosted contact center system leverages cloud services to manage call and contact routing throughout high-volume telephony transactions. However, it’s more than just routing calls to the right agent, it also features real-time contact management system.

Streamlining the Customer Experience

In particular, the Avaya Contact Center Select system can help your business provide a context-sensitive, collaborative customer experience via voice and multimedia interactions. The tools in the system help anticipate customer needs and accelerate their process towards a resolution. This gives your support staff an edge through customer insight to give a better experience. The customer management system provides your support staff with a complete view of the customer’s interaction experience which helps with better customer engagement. It also helps customers have a continuous experience over multiple points of contact with complicated problems.

The Technology

The Avaya Contact Center uses the Avaya IP Office telephone system technology. The system is both scalable and flexible, allowing it to be tailor-fit to your business’s unique needs. The IP Office system can support as few as one and as many as one hundred agents to address your business market needs. It uses SIP and CTI interfaces to communicate with the IP Office platform. Furthering its versatility, the system supports a wide range of phones and devices giving your business the freedom of choice.

Additionally, the system offers reference-ready call recording, intuitive skills-based routing, and multichannel conversation capabilities. Call recording creates a record of interactions your agents can reference when helping customers while the skill-based routing systems helps match customers with the best agents for the job. The multichannel conversation capabilities mean customers can have a shared experience through email, SMS, fax, webchat, and telephone calls.

What does Avaya Hosted Contact Center Include?

  • Tools for integrated multichannel customer contact: Offer your customers a shared experience over multiple points of contact from multiple content methods.
  • Smart agent routing: Leverage the technology to send your customers to the best-suited agent to handle their problem.
  • Telemarketing and Outbound Campaigns: Maximize your employee time by having your agents make outbound marketing calls during slow support times.
  • Record Keeping: Record calls for training purposes. Use real examples to show workers how to best handle solutions and identify places where agents are struggling.
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Historical Reporting: Analyze customer interactions on the fly to make adjustments as needed. Use historical reporting to identify improvement areas.
  • Integration with Salesforce and SAP: The Avaya CRM integration system can work communicate with your existing Salesforce and SAP integrations. Sharing communication between platforms creates a more personalized, better informed customer experience.

SmartIP offers the Avaya Hosted Contact Center solution for businesses looking to improve customer interactions. It is a cloud services-based platform.


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