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SmartIP Achieves Avaya Diamond Partner Status

Smart IP, Canada’s industry leading communications specialist, has been elevated to an Avaya Diamond Level Partner, the highest and most prestigious partnership achievable with Avaya.

Formerly at Sapphire status, Smart IP has continued growing its partnership with Avaya in terms of both products and services since 1979 while delivering cutting-edge communication solutions to a wide range of companies and government agencies throughout Canada.

Avaya, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., is a reputable multinational technology company that specializes in business communications, including contact centers, unified communications, and services.

Avaya’s Partner program, Avaya Edge, is selective about its partners, rigorously scrutinizing candidates and choosing only those that display ingenuity and innovation and also contribute valuable expertise to augment Avaya’s industry leading communication solutions. In collaboration, Avaya and its most trusted Diamond Level partners, such as Smart IP, provide customers with top-notch, mission-critical products and services to serve them on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid.

According to Avaya’s website, the fast-moving digital world of the modern era centers on communications enablement, and the company is perfectly poised to provide businesses with everything they need to succeed in that area.

The Avaya Diamond Partner accreditation recognizes a partner’s sales and operational achievements, along with their dedication to customer satisfaction as they deploy multi-faceted technology solutions. This endorsement is a validation of Smart IP’s professionalism, ingenuity, expertise, and service excellence and supports the company’s competitive position as a leader within the industry.

As an Avaya Diamond partner, Smart IP collaborates with Avaya to provide end-to-end solutions for single or multi-site operations. Smart IP’s portfolio includes numerous Avaya software and services for unified communications, including Contact Center, Avaya IP Office, Avaya Mobile Applications, among others.

From start to finish, Smart IP assists clients with selecting and implementing innovative IP and digital communications systems, productivity-boosting applications, and other comprehensive services to help them achieve their business objectives. Even after installation, Smart IP’s experts continue to provide professional consultation and critical support to keep their clients up and running.


Experience Counts

Obtaining telecommunications for your commercial property can be an overwhelming process. At Smart IP, we are the leading national voice and data communications specialist in Canada. It allows us to work closely with you to provide solutions for all of the challenges that you are currently experiencing.

We have been in the industry for over 35 years. During that time, we have worked with customers throughout a wide array of industries. It is our experience and our comprehensive communications portfolio on the Avaya platform, as well as accompanying peripherals and network gear that allows us to have such a large base of loyal customers.

Experience Counts

Technology is rapidly growing the options that are available in telecommunications. It’s why it is so overwhelming to review the choices. Whether you need a wireless office, a new telecommunication system with a digital receptionist or a converged voice and data network, we’re here to guide you through the selection process.

Our experience ensures that you will get a comprehensive solution to meet the individual needs of your workplace, at the right price for you. We are an Avaya Authorized Diamond Partner, well-versed on the latest and greatest Avaya products in the marketplace to ensure that you’re able to benefit from the technology that will fit you best. You will be able to work smarter and more efficiently with the technology that is available.

You will quickly learn that service excellence is our priority. We work with government agencies, many education school boards and leading companies because they know that they can rely on our expertise. Regardless of the size and complexities of your business, we can provide a robust and elegant solution that will allow you to move forward.

Telecommunications need to be a priority within your business. If customers cannot navigate your phone system, whether it is digital or analogue, VoIP or otherwise, or your data network is down, preventing people from logging into your website, it leads to vulnerabilities. Being vulnerable in today’s competitive market is dangerous. Nobody wants to lose customers simply because they have chosen not to upgrade to the latest networks and applications that customers expect. We’re here to make sure that your communications keep you on par with your competitors. We’re also able to show you how to achieve a competitive edge.

Meet Your Objectives

At Smart IP, we have worked with companies of all sizes. We’re used to deploying solutions of all sizes as well. By choosing us, you’re able to meet your objectives with end-to-end solutions.

Learn to improve customer service with new technology. Find out how to integrate network and data security for peace of mind.

Focus on your objectives so that you get a complete solution that will address current and future needs. We’re here to consult with every concern that you may have.

We’ll work one-on-one with you to develop the exact solution for your unique needs, regardless of the size and complexity of your business. We’re the communications specialist in Canada that will go above and beyond to provide you with service excellence.

Find out how our experience makes the difference by contacting Smart IP today. We’ll deliver the communications, applications, and services to ensure that every objective you have is met and even exceeded. 24/7 customer support ensures that you’re always being looked after. You won’t find that kind of dedication with any other telecommunications specialist across Canada.

Smart IP is honoured with the Avaya MidMarket Partner of the Year

SmartIP is proud to accept the Avaya Midmarket Partner of the year award. In an award ceremony in Austin, Texas, Avaya honoured six of its international partners for a variety of accomplishments and outstanding performance. As a valuable Avaya Partner, Smart IP has grown their partnership with Avaya by over 146% with product distribution and 14% with services rendered. SmartIP is now a Diamond Avaya partner and looks forward to growing it’s the distribution of Avaya’s cloud product. You can read more about the award by following the link here.

The Avaya Conferencing Advantage

With technologies rapidly advancing and infiltrating professional practices in every industry, business communications also have been radically redefined. Employees and customers expect to be able to seamlessly communicate with one another, as well as management and outside partners, across various digital platforms and using their preferred device. The same is true when it comes to video conferencing.

Meetings are a critical part of building collaboration and cooperation, but they no longer take place entirely in-person in a single room, nor do they have to. Avaya, which provides a range of contact center and unified communication solutions, understands this new reality and has designed a video-conferencing product that supports it.

Avaya’s all-in-one meeting solution gives users the benefit of being able to connect face-to-face outside of a dedicated video-conferencing room through the use of one cloud platform and software application. Seamless engagement between management, employees and clients is achieved by giving users the opportunity to participate via the tools they use every day, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Participants also can dial-in with their phone in more than 35 countries at no extra cost.

The advantage of Avaya’s in-house managed conferencing is that it gives users the benefit of personal interaction without the cost. Employees don’t have to travel every time they want to connect with their customers, collaborate with colleagues, or communicate with suppliers and partners. They can easily call in from wherever they are on whichever device they have available with a simple click. This allows your employees to serve their customers better and faster, without losing the personal touch or dampening professional relationships.

Additionally, managers no longer are trapped into only being able to schedule critical meetings when all pertinent staff members are on-site. They can set up conferences at a convenient time, even when employees are working remotely, and no one’s participation is limited. The value of this solution is improving employee engagement and team productivity.

Avaya’s single-meeting platform consolidates audio, video, web, and webcast tools and makes them easily accessible during video conferencing. Participants using the cloud platform to join in the call can easily share content and comments or utilize an interactive whiteboard as if they were actually meeting in one spot. Late-comers are able to join in easily without causing disruption. Also, meetings and other conferencing sessions can be recorded and the MP4 file downloaded for others to review later.

Participation is simplified through Avaya’s platform. Even those who can’t or don’t desire to install an app or plug-in can join the conference call directly from their browser, with end-to-end encryption making meetings more secure.

Avaya’s conferencing tools is one of the business solutions provided by Smart IP, Canada’s leading independent full-service voice and data communications specialist. For nearly 40 years, Smart IP has been serving multiple companies and government agencies across Canada through the deployment of communications systems and applications that help their organizations thrive.