2024 TLOMA Conference in Niagara Falls

With technologies rapidly advancing and infiltrating professional practices in every industry, business communications also have been radically redefined. Employees and customers expect to be able to seamlessly communicate with one another, as well as management and outside partners, across various digital platforms and using their preferred device. The same is true when it comes to video conferencing.

Meetings are a critical part of building collaboration and cooperation, but they no longer take place entirely in-person in a single room, nor do they have to. Avaya, which provides a range of contact center and unified communication solutions, understands this new reality and has designed a video-conferencing product that supports it.

Avaya’s all-in-one meeting solution gives users the benefit of being able to connect face-to-face outside of a dedicated video-conferencing room through the use of one cloud platform and software application. Seamless engagement between management, employees and clients is achieved by giving users the opportunity to participate via the tools they use every day, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Participants also can dial-in with their phone in more than 35 countries at no extra cost.

The advantage of Avaya’s in-house managed conferencing is that it gives users the benefit of personal interaction without the cost. Employees don’t have to travel every time they want to connect with their customers, collaborate with colleagues, or communicate with suppliers and partners. They can easily call in from wherever they are on whichever device they have available with a simple click. This allows your employees to serve their customers better and faster, without losing the personal touch or dampening professional relationships.

Additionally, managers no longer are trapped into only being able to schedule critical meetings when all pertinent staff members are on-site. They can set up conferences at a convenient time, even when employees are working remotely, and no one’s participation is limited. The value of this solution is improving employee engagement and team productivity.

Avaya’s single-meeting platform consolidates audio, video, web, and webcast tools and makes them easily accessible during video conferencing. Participants using the cloud platform to join in the call can easily share content and comments or utilize an interactive whiteboard as if they were actually meeting in one spot. Late-comers are able to join in easily without causing disruption. Also, meetings and other conferencing sessions can be recorded and the MP4 file downloaded for others to review later.

Participation is simplified through Avaya’s platform. Even those who can’t or don’t desire to install an app or plug-in can join the conference call directly from their browser, with end-to-end encryption making meetings more secure.

Avaya’s conferencing tools is one of the business solutions provided by Smart IP, Canada’s leading independent full-service voice and data communications specialist. For nearly 40 years, Smart IP has been serving multiple companies and government agencies across Canada through the deployment of communications systems and applications that help their organizations thrive.

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