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Did you know that recently Smart IP was recognized as the only independent partner in Canada who is fully trained and Avaya certified to install and service Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization (AAWFO) solutions?

Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization unifies Contact Recording, Quality Monitoring, eLearning, Workforce Management, Speech and Desktop Analytics, and Customer Feedback under one platform that provides a single user interface and centralized system administration and reporting.

This is an elite bundle of solutions to solve numerous Contact Centre goals and objectives. It is solely made to increase productivity, decrease costs associated with customer service and develop strong brand presence. In addition, AAWFO provides organizations with an efficient way to interact with clients through various communication channels.

Customer engagement is important! Therefore, AAWFO suite delivers tools to track multiple variations of client interactions and reports them back to the person in charge. This way you can analyze an overall agent performance and/or view general achievements of the department as a whole.

Are you interested in continues business growth and efficiency improvements? Here are several items to describe what AAWFO can do for you:

  • Establish realistic forecasts and performance goals
  • Schedule and deploy the right number of staff – whether in the office or home-based agents – with the appropriate skills to meet customer needs
  • Capture customer interactions – in their entirety – through full-time recording, based on user-defined business rules, or through random or on-demand recording
  • Securely record and store transactions to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security standards through optional encryption management
  • Measure performance to identify excellence and areas for improvement
  • Apply intelligent analytics to customer interactions to investigate opportunities for optimizing people, processes, technologies, and customer relationships
  • Take action by delivering targeted training or re‑engineering processes
  • Refine your forecasts and performance goals based on the valuable data you’ve collected

Why should you consider Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization? Because it optimizes your operations for a breakthrough customer experience:

• Deploy a single-provider, unified solution that combines contact recording, quality monitoring, eLearning, workforce management, speech and data analytics, and customer feedback functionality, helping your business generate additional revenue and increase profitability; improve staff productivity and performance; and optimize customer relationships

• Transform your business into a customer-centric organization by delivering first-rate service, consistently and cost-effectively, across different communications channels and locations

• Streamline processes, ensure consistent service levels and quality, and uncover valuable, previously undiscovered information through tightly integrated applications

• Obtain customer intelligence and competitive insight from multiple channels and use it strategically to make analytics-driven business decisions, enhance staff skills, foster customer satisfaction, and build competitive differentiation

• Securely record and store media in adherence to PCI-based security guidelines through optional encryption management functionality

• Increase staff satisfaction and retention by providing employees with input into their schedules and insight into their performance

• Leverage captured customer interactions to build a library of best practices for training your workforce, and perform assessments to gauge skill acquisition and knowledge retention

User experience and customer service are extremely important. They make you stand out and create a powerful competitive differentiation. So, what is AAWFO? Simply put, it is an effective business solution that unites robust tools to help identify customer interactions and respond to them timely, as well as helping agents to perform at their best!

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