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Lexsys Networks transforms itself with re-branding, a new location and a proven suite of advanced IP-based services

Lexsys Networks is pleased to announce that it has changed its name to Smart IP. The launch of the new name coincides with a head office move, marking the company’s rapidly growing success in delivering sophisticated IP-based telephony to business customers across Canada. Smart IP’s new offices are located at 5525 Eglinton Ave West, in Toronto. The new name and logo represent the company’s history, strength and expertise in traditional telephony, while at the same time, emphasizes its leadership in IP technologies and applications.

“We are poised to continue building on our considerable momentum in the IP market space,” says Bob Warburton, president of Smart IP. “The name may be new, but as Lexsys, we have well over two decades of experience in bringing innovative, reliable communications solutions to our customers combined with our commitment to provide the best service and support in the industry. As Smart IP we will, of course, continue to strengthen our long standing partnership with Nortel, but now have forged alliances with other strategic partners such as ShoreTel Inc., an industry leading enterprise IP telephony provider. These partnerships ensure that we are able to offer our customers a choice of world-class technology with a seamless and cost-effective transition to IP.

Smart IP’s impressive list of clients already includes a broad base of companies and organizations that have turned to Smart IP for its advanced offerings to meet their mission critical needs including hospitals, police departments, government agencies and enterprise customers.

The marketplace is going through a period of rapid transformation, and we are uniquely positioned to play an important role in driving it forward,” says Warburton. “We have a long and established history of providing outstanding customized, personalized services in the telecom industry. We have extensive expertise in both traditional PBX and IP-based services, so we know how to help customers transition to IP without compromising quality or performance in any way. And we know how to help customers protect their existing investment in legacy systems while enjoying all the advantages that IP can offer.”

About Smart IP

Established in 1979, Smart IP is Canada’s leading national independent full-service, voice, data, and communications specialist for businesses of all sizes. Smart IP offers a broad range of products and services that help businesses communicate more effectively. Customers include hospitals, police services, government agencies, small and medium business customers and multi-location enterprises across Canada.

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