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Smart IP is now fully certified and trained on Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization (AAWFO)

Smart IP is the only independent partner in Canada who is fully trained and Avaya certified to install and service AAWFO!

You now have an alternative! Don’t get stuck with traditional telco’s, Smart IP is flexible and easy to deal with. We take care of our customers by providing fast response and delivery rates, so you can plan your next business goal.

AAWFO opens a tremendous opportunity for organizations to engage their employees and increase an overall productivity. It perfects business flow by allowing constant monitoring and analysis of potential growth opportunities and process simplifications.

Below are several important points on how to optimize operations and enhance customer experience:

• Deploy a single-provider, unified solution that combines contact recording, quality monitoring, eLearning, workforce management, speech and data analytics, and customer feedback functionality, helping your business generate additional revenue and increase profitability; improve staff productivity and performance; and optimize customer relationships

• Create a customer-centric organization by delivering first-rate service, consistently and cost-effectively, across different communications channels and locations

• Streamline processes, maintain consistent service levels and quality, and uncover valuable, previously undiscovered information through tightly integrated applications

• Obtain customer intelligence and competitive insight from multiple channels and use it strategically to make analytics-driven business decisions, enhance staff skills, foster customer satisfaction, and build competitive differentiation

• Securely record and store media in adherence to PCI-based security guidelines through optional encryption management functionality

• Increase staff satisfaction and retention by providing employees with input into their schedules and insight into their performance

• Leverage captured customer interactions to build a library of best practices for training your workforce, and perform assessments to gauge skill acquisition and knowledge retention

Smart IP can help you in many ways, whether it’s reducing costs and increasing revenues, meeting new demands and creating new ways to interact with customers, or enabling rich customer service flow. Smart IP provides solutions to meet the demands you experience in your daily business cycle.

Please contact us at (905)-759-2660 or info@smartip.ca to speak live with our knowledge experts and identify options available for you.

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