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Nemertes Press Release: Nemertes Distinguishes Top VOIP Providers with PilotHouse Awards


Nemertes Press Release: Nemertes Distinguishes Top VOIP Providers with PilotHouse Awards

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Nemertes Distinguishes Top VOIP Providers with PilotHouse Awards

New York, NY – Jul. 21, 2008 – Seven leading providers of Voice over IP (VOIP) services received 2008 PilotHouse Awards from Nemertes Research, based entirely on ratings from hundreds of IT executives.

“This research is a must-have for companies evaluating a new VOIP strategy, or reassessing an existing one because it relies on real experiences from real customers,” says Robin Gareiss, executive vice president and senior founding partner, Nemertes Research.

As part of the Unified Communications and Collaboration research project, Nemertes received 555 ratings of VOIP providers and conducted analysis on VOIP best practices. Providers with the highest average scores in each award category won PilotHouse Awards.

IT executives rated their providers on technology, product features, unified communications vision, customer service, value, VAR experience, solution experience, ease of implementation, and management tools. Nemertes issued awards for top providers overall, which includes all scores from all rollout sizes. Additionally, because companies evaluate an average of three vendors, Nemertes segmented the ratings to include the “top tier,” or a short list, for three rollout sizes.

Nemertes Research 2008 PilotHouse Awards: VOIP Providers

Best Overall VOIP Providers (all rollout sizes combined)

  • ShoreTel, Inc. – Winner
  • Siemens Enterprise Communications – Finalist
  • 3Com Corporation – Finalist

Top-Tier VOIP Providers – Small Rollouts (<500 Endpoints)

  • ShoreTel, Inc.
  • Siemens Enterprise Communications
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.

Top-Tier VOIP Providers – Midsize Rollouts(500-2,000 Endpoints)

  • Cisco Systems, Inc
  • Avaya Inc.
  • Nortel

Top-Tier VOIP Providers – Large Rollouts (>2,000 Endpoints)

  • Nortel
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.

Best Overall: VOIP Vertical Solutions

  • Avaya Inc.

Best VOIP: Industry-Specific

  • Education – Avaya Inc.
  • Financial Services – Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Healthcare – Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Manufacturing – Avaya Inc.
  • Professional Services – Avaya Inc.
  • Retail – Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • State/Local Government – Nortel
  • Transportation – Siemens Enterprise Communications

About the Research

The benchmark, Unified Communications and Collaboration, examines several key areas, including organizational strategies, Web 2.0, UC applications and strategies, implementation and management, and the business case for VOIP. Nemertes provides a complete analysis of both VOIP and unified communications awards in separate reports.

About Nemertes Research

Nemertes Research is a research-advisory firm that specializes in analyzing and quantifying the business value of emerging technologies. You can learn more about Nemertes Research at our Website, www.nemertes.com.

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