The Definitive Guide to Upgrading Your Nortel Communications System

Every technology has a useful life—that’s when it performs the way it was intended AND adds value to your business.

But what about when a technology keeps working after its useful life is over?

At first this may seem like a good thing: your business enjoys short-term cost savings by not upgrading. But in fact, you risk other costs that can far outweigh those savings:

  • You risk the cost of business disruption if the technology suddenly fails.
  • You risk the cost of paying for an expensive emergency repair.
  • And you risk the biggest cost of all—the opportunity cost: While you are holding on to your old system, newer technology gets better and better, delivering efficiencies, productivity and cost-savings that can far outweigh the value of keeping the old system.


If you are the owner of an existing Nortel™ communications system, such as a BCM or Norstar solution, you may already be incurring these costs right now. If that’s the case, this guide is for you. With the acquisition of Nortel in December 2009, you reduce much of the risk normally associated with upgrading from your existing BCM or Norstar solution to Avaya IP Office.
Use the information provided here to take a close look at the opportunity cost you are paying by NOT upgrading. Also, learn an easy way you can get the benefits of new technology and protect up to 60 percent of your original system investment—a double-barreled set of savings that can actually cover the entire cost of an upgrade. That’s huge and this guide will show you how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

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