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  • Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office combines desktop, mobile and HD room system capabilities with rich data collaboration
  • Easy to deploy and easy to use, designed for Avaya IP Office, and provides HD experiences even on low bandwidth connections
  • Provides exceptional value with an all-in-one solution that helps SMEs improve productivity and efficiency and enhance customer interactions
Avaya (InfoComm13 booth no. 1859) announced the Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office, an all new video collaboration solution designed specifically for the small and midsize enterprise segment (SME).  The Avaya Video Collaboration Solution for IP Office provides simple, affordable yet comprehensive desktop, mobile and HD room-system video collaboration capabilities. Avaya IP Office is the company’s flagship unified communications solution for small and midsize enterprises.
According to research firm IDC, 30 percent of midsized firms are currently using some videoconferencing resources beyond simple webcams. Intentions are at roughly the same level, which sets the stage for significant growth – the number of small and midsized firms using video collaboration could potentially double in the next 12 months.
The Avaya Video Collaboration Solution is unique in its ability to deliver BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and HD room-system capabilities in a single, highly affordable and easy to deploy solution for SMEs. It delivers rich collaborative capabilities that help increase productivity, enhance customer service, and lower the overall cost of doing business.
The Avaya Video Collaboration Solution offers the following features:
  • Direct integration including a common dial plan with Avaya IP Office Version 8.1.
  • A “virtual conference room” for up to eight participants with click-to-join capabilities from any standards-based room system, desktop or mobile device.
  • Freely distributed desktop and mobile video clients for PCs, Macs and the most popular iOS and Android devices – enabling those inside and outside an organization to easily join a video meeting.
  • Low-bandwidth, HD multi-party video conferencing and rich data collaboration via native SIP/H.323.
  • The collaboration solution can also be deployed in an HD video conferencing room system configuration for maximum flexibility and value.
  • Automatic firewall traversal allows SMEs to engage with participants outside their network, enabling face-to-face meetings with customers and partners to help strengthen business relationships.
Supporting Quotes

“We now have Avaya video solutions in every office – London, Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto – and our agents also use video while on the road, which is necessary in an industry where travel is a job requirement. Avaya video significantly enhances our ability to interact amongst colleagues, with musicians and with partners, and it adds a powerful new dimension to international calls. We tried other video solutions, but they just did not even compare to the high-quality and flexibility of Avaya’s technology. With Avaya’s simple, cost-effective and rock-solid video solution, our ability to share information and make fast, smart decisions is better than ever.”
–Howie Gold, CIO, The Agency Group
“Small and medium-sized businesses are looking to enhance productivity and improve their capabilities in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Video collaboration advances both of these goals by helping streamline internal discussions and strengthening external relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers. The challenge has been in finding an affordable solution with enterprise-grade capabilities, one that can also ‘play well with others’ to work effectively in diverse environments. The Avaya solution addresses these key SME needs while also providing the platform delivery preferred, whether through a mobile device, PC desktop, or high-definition conference room solution. Firms can extend video to outsiders with relative ease plus insure that the video resources can be they invest in today will be able to grow with them to continue adding value tomorrow.”
–Ray Boggs, Vice President, Small/Medium Business Research, IDC

“In a recent third-party report IP Office was recognized as the leading UC solution for small and mid-sized enterprises based on TCO, maintenance requirements and ease of deployment. By adding high-quality video collaboration capabilities to IP Office, we are raising the bar in terms of what customers should expect from their vendors. No one in the market offers a more comprehensive UC solution specifically designed for SMEs in the areas of features, simplicity, and affordability.”

–Mark Monday, Vice President, Product Management, Collaboration Platforms, Avaya

Source: Avaya

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