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Unify Your Contact Center and Workforce Optimization Solutions

Leverage intelligent insights to operate more efficiently and to improve customer service. With Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization you unite all relevant data from your contact center, back-office, and the wider enterprise under one, integrated platform. This enables you to correlate, share, and use information to make informed decisions faster.

Identify, modify, and address processes that are cumbersome—especially the kind that result in customer or employee dissatisfaction.

Discover which agents aren’t assisting customers appropriately, so you can correct the problems with further training and coaching.

Spot customer problems and issues quickly so they can be resolved as fast as possible. The appropriateness and speed of your reaction can be important factors in delivering a superior customer experience and ultimately achieving your corporate objectives.

Harness the Voice of Your Customer. Securely capture, analyze, and store customer interactions to identify service excellence and areas of improvement, all while adhering to PCI compliance and regulatory requirements.

Anticipate Contact Volumes. Analyze historical data to forecast your future transaction volume and handle times. Automatically produce schedules to deploy the right agents with the appropriate skills at the right time.
Enable Agents to be More Successful. Improve your agents’ performance with automated coaching, e-learning, and scoreboard assessments to transfer knowledge and best practices.