Internet of Things

With the surge of IoT devices connecting to enterprise networks, conventional BYOD methods of securing access won’t be enough. Safeguard your wireless networking infrastructure with wireless networking technologies — 802.11ac, AppRF, SDN, and ClearPass — to make sure devices talk to the things they should!

Wireless Networking Solutions Enterprise grade

Wireless Access Points

Smart IP is certified on Wireless LAN deployments on multiple vendors to meet our customer’s needs. We offer you the ability to fully take advantage of the latest wireless technologies to ensure your users are operating at the fastest speed possible.


Visibility of Your Network

Using heat mapping tools Smart IP can offer you wireless coverage maps to see the predicted coverage of your future wireless implementation. We can perform on-site wireless surveys by using our tools as well has surveying possible sources of interference such as concrete walls, microwaves etc.

How VisualRF Is Used

Whether you’re planning a new wireless network or trying to isolate a user’s problem on the network, a picture is worth a thousand words. After all, the network’s performance depends not only on how the infrastructure is performing, but also on where users are and how well the AP’s signals reach them.

VisualRF calculates signal coverage and the location of wireless clients, RFID tags, and rogue devices identified on the WLAN as well as interferers detected through spectrum analysis.

It uses a combination of dynamic RF sampling and a predictive model based on site, infrastructure and client characteristics for areas where RF sampling isn’t available to calculate coverage, location and health.