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SmartIP Achieves Avaya Diamond Partner Status

Smart IP, Canada’s industry leading communications specialist, has been elevated to an Avaya Diamond Level Partner, the highest and most prestigious partnership achievable with Avaya. Formerly at Sapphire status, Smart IP has continued growing its partnership with Avaya in terms of both products and services since 1979 while delivering cutting-edge communication solutions to a wide [...]

Experience Counts

Obtaining telecommunications for your commercial property can be an overwhelming process. At Smart IP, we are the leading national voice and data communications specialist in Canada. It allows us to work closely with you to provide solutions for all of the challenges that you are currently experiencing. We have been in the industry for over [...]

Smart IP is honoured with the Avaya MidMarket Partner of the Year

SmartIP is proud to accept the Avaya Midmarket Partner of the year award. In an award ceremony in Austin, Texas, Avaya honoured six of its international partners for a variety of accomplishments and outstanding performance. As a valuable Avaya Partner, Smart IP has grown their partnership with Avaya by over 146% with product distribution and [...]

The Avaya Conferencing Advantage

With technologies rapidly advancing and infiltrating professional practices in every industry, business communications also have been radically redefined. Employees and customers expect to be able to seamlessly communicate with one another, as well as management and outside partners, across various digital platforms and using their preferred device. The same is true when it comes to [...]

The Importance of Customer Support

The way a business and company deals with its clients speaks volumes about their professionalism and commitment. Feedback is without a doubt the most profound tool for business owners and entrepreneurs to figure out what makes their customers tick and what they look forward to getting from your end. With that privileged information, it becomes [...]

Hosted solutions explained

Avaya communication solutions offer you a hassle-free experience that enables you to be up to date in a compliant and secure environment. It allows you to manage your business in a flexible manner that helps your business to compete against bigger ones. By 2021, approximately 28 percent of all telephony users will be connected to [...]

Smart IP keeps up with ubiquitous industry changes

The landscape of business communications is, yet again, experiencing rapid, significant changes. From sales models to voice networks, the industry continues to overhaul the old systems in favour of newer, technologically-advanced platforms and applications that benefit both the companies and their clients. One company in particular continues to exemplify how best to embrace these changes: [...]

Hosted Solutions Explained – Basic Guide

Hosted Solutions Explained – Basic Guide If you are a business owner, you will have seen the many changes over the years in terms of marketing, manufacturing, and nearly every other process. In the past couple of years, it has been ‘hosting’ that has taken the market by storm. For this reason, we have created [...]

The Best Uses for Unified Communications

Unified Communications refers to much more than just the telephone system that your office uses. Within UC falls many options, and more that has to do with office communications, encompassing a large range of devices spread over a multitude of connection formats. Because of this widespread functionality, unified communications can act as an all in [...]

Who’s Servicing your Phone System: Why Credentials Matter

Picking the right company to handle your telecommunications can be difficult and grueling, mainly because it’s so difficult to know what really matters in terms of experience and credentials. Many businesses end up spending thousands of wasted dollars dealing with companies that simply don’t know what they’re doing, and don’t have their best interests at [...]