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Integrating Microsoft Products with Avaya

Avaya Contact Center Solutions are designed to work alongside several Microsoft products to provide a better, easier-to-manage point of contact solution for businesses. As a multi-channel contact center solution that integrates email, instant messaging, and VOIP, it makes sense to extend that functionality to other popular digital communication platforms. The intent of Avaya integration within [...]

Carehawk® Paging Systems: The Hot Product for School Boards and Administration

Carehawk® Paging Systems offer a state-of-the-art solution to augment or replace communication systems in school environments, healthcare facilities, correctional facilities, industrial settings, and commercial operations. In particular, school boards find what Carehawk® Paging Systems have to offer as an affordable, practical solution to improving communication at both the individual school and district level. About Carehawk® [...]

XIMA Call Recording

The XIMA Call Recording solution, Chronicall, provides an impressive collection of tools to help a business manage phone records. The system stores and organizes records of every call for monitoring and reference use. It is an ideal solution for call management, particularly for call centers, customer support, keeping legal records, and for general record keeping [...]

Getting Customer Interactions Organized with Avaya Hosted Contact Center

Avaya Hosted Contact Center features a robust set of tools to help small-to-midsize businesses enhance customer interactions. A hosted contact center system leverages cloud services to manage call and contact routing throughout high-volume telephony transactions. However, it's more than just routing calls to the right agent, it also features real-time contact management system. Streamlining the [...]

The Hidden Cost of Going Cisco

There’s no escaping the need for full-service voice and data communication services for businesses functioning in the fast-based, technology permeated environment of the digital age. Because of how important technology has become for companies across all industries, it’s important to ensure you are working with a quality provider for your products, systems and services. Unfortunately [...]

The Value of In-House Training on Your Communication Systems

When it comes to running a business, organizations in every industry have access to a plethora of communication technologies and systems to perform a variety of job-related processes and functions. However, you can implement any number of business solutions that support the communication necessary for performing daily tasks, but if your employees aren’t properly trained [...]

Network Assessments: Not Only for Installations

For many companies, IT networks have become not only more integral to operating their business on a day-to-day basis, but also more complex and complicated. With important information and critical operations depending on your network running smoothly and flawlessly, your company cannot risk waiting for an issue to cripple your system before addressing it. You [...]

Is your Voice Network as Secure as it Can Be?

As technology becomes integrated into day-to-day business operations, it is easy to start taking its dependability and security for granted. Even though Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks are an important communication tool for professional services firms, government agencies, and financial institutions across numerous industries, they also pose an ever-present cybersecurity risk. Voice networks are [...]

Data Networking and Wireless Access Points: Why Network Speed Matters to Users

Organizations in most industries rely on the Internet daily to carry out a range of tasks, from making purchases and communicating to developing projects and managing events. Additionally, for companies that serve the public, individuals visiting or using their facility also will expect adequate Internet access. Because of the professional and social importance of broadband [...]

Smart IP Named Avaya’s Midmarket Partner of the Year 2018

Smart IP, Canada’s industry leading communications specialist, has been elevated to an Avaya Diamond Level Partner, the highest and most prestigious partnership achievable with Avaya. Formerly at Sapphire status, Smart IP has continued growing its partnership with Avaya in terms of both products and services since 1979 while delivering cutting-edge communication solutions to a wide [...]