Smart IP understands how productivity can impact your customer service levels and your bottom line. We have assembled a comprehensive portfolio of products to compliment your core communications systems to drive greater efficiencies from your investment, and greater effectiveness in working with your customers and employees.

Audio Conferencing

  • Work with Smart IP to determine the audio conferencing solution to bring together your employees, customers, and vendors on a single call. Smart IP can equip you with full duplex audio conferencing solutions that are traditional, wireless, or VoIP enabled – all with remarkable clarity!

Wireless and Wired Headsets

  • Smart IP offers a wide portfolio of headsets from GN Netcom and Plantronics; mobile headsets to address the cordless and mobile phone market, next-generation computer audio headset products for computer applications, and corded and cordless headsets and systems for the office, small or home office and contact centers.
  • Sennheiser
  • GN Netcom
  • Plantronics

Digital call processing and Voice Announcement Solutions

  • Smart IP carries Interalia’s extensive line of digital call processing and voice announcement solutions for: call center announcements, call routing, audiotex, music/message on-hold, automated attendant, attendant overflow, call screeners, and public address systems.
  • Interalia Telecommunications

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

  • At its best, downtime leads to lost productivity and lost revenue. At its worst, property and lives could be at stake. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), or sometimes called a battery backup is a device which maintains a continuous supply of electric power to connected equipment by supplying power from a separate source when utility power is not available.A UPS is inserted between the source of power (typically commercial utility power) and the load it is protecting. When a power failure or abnormality occurs, the UPS will effectively switch from utility power to its own power source almost instantaneously.Protect your communications system with a Smart IP UPS!

High quality video communications and conference call systems

  • High quality video communications enable you to be seen and not just heard. Also, with Smart IP’s suite of conferencing services you can co-ordinate scheduled or impromptu meetings for faster decision making, less time and money lost to travel.Smart IP conferencing solutions for interactive face-to-face collaboration.Polycom is a worldwide leader in market share for best in class group and personal video systems, video and voice collaboration infrastructures and conference phones.

Smart IP has many other productivity-boosting peripherals, including:

  • Paging Systems for notifications and to immediately contact employees throughout your premises
  • A full suite of new and refurbished Nortel digital and IP telephone sets, backed by the manufacturer’s warranty
  • A broad portfolio of call recording and call monitoring systems, loud telephone ringers, and powerfail transfer systems from Dees
  • And many more……

Let the Smart IP Sales Team show you how our productivity tools will significantly increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication processes.