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The Importance of Customer Support Hosted solutions explained

The Importance of Customer Support

The way a business and company deals with its clients speaks volumes about their professionalism and commitment. Feedback is without a doubt the most profound tool for business owners and entrepreneurs to figure out what makes their customers tick and what they look forward to getting from your end. With that privileged information, it becomes quicker and easier for you to make the necessary plans to stock the goods, services, and products that the customers are demanding.

Maintain Customers

In this technology-powered age we live, customers have zero tolerance for companies that make them wait a whole day without getting a proper response. Invest in a robust and efficient customer service and support center to retain your existing clients, attract new converting leads, and to significantly up your profit margins.

It is incredibly difficult for you to set up a topnotch customer support center by yourself. You require collaboration with an established full-service voice and data communications company for the desired results.

Brand Awareness

Invest in robust CRM software and improve your brand recognition with existing and new customers alike. There’s nothing quite as dangerous for your investment as losing the trust of your existing clients. It only takes one slight mistake, for instance, you fail to answer their emails about service options and requirements or products and equipment needs, and they are gone forever. Take a few minutes off your schedule to attend to the needs and wants of that questioning or even agitated customer. Don’t wait until they are completely gone to start wooing them back to your business.

Lowered Staff Turnover

Investing in a proper customer care service center is not only for the benefit of your client concerns. The effort also works to safeguard you, as an investor, from constantly having to retool and repopulate and underperforming department. Did you know that, if your customers are always calling in to complain about your poor quality products and appalling services, there’s a very high likelihood, your staff will eventually quit?

Technology has altered the way businesses, and companies interact and handle their customers. Today, businesses have a wide plethora of communication solutions at their disposal. These solutions include the development of wireless offices and cloud centers for storing and backing up all your business’s vital data. Ideally, these innovative companies aim to achieve a number of essential objectives. One, they seek to replace the bulky and often voluminous memory storage devices and other communication devices and decongest working spaces in the process. Two, with advanced communication systems in your working spaces, the safety, and privacy of all your important client data is always secure.

Why Smart IP?

Smart IP is an accomplished office communications specialist with a experience and a keen interest in providing wireless and cloud communication solutions. This reputable Canadian firm has successful installed state-of-the-art live customer service platforms, IP and digital communication systems to boost your company’s brand name and productivity. Smart IP is an award-winning telecommunications firm with an experience dating back some 37 years. Call up their trained and certified staff, any time of the day, and start planning on the future of your business.

Hosted solutions explained

Avaya communication solutions offer you a hassle-free experience that enables you to be up to date in a compliant and secure environment. It allows you to manage your business in a flexible manner that helps your business to compete against bigger ones. By 2021, approximately 28 percent of all telephony users will be connected to the cloud. You may be wondering why and how you need to connect your business to a Smart IP solution provider for cloud services. The hosted solution offered by Smart IP is an Avaya Hosted IPO solution. This article will guide you through some questions and answers on implementing this solution.

Cost Effectiveness

A hosted IP solution provider will often provide a wide variety of mobile and fixed capacities. Facilitation of the systems is through a web portal that is easy to use. Companies and businesses that opt for these solutions can access all features and functionalities that are associated with the traditional PBX system without incurring all the upfront financial costs of installing the infrastructure required or the purchasing of equipment. This means that businesses can install high quality Hosted IP Solutions with a minimized financial outlay, effectively and quickly.

Questions to Ask

When sifting through the different hosted PBX providers, you need to have some guiding questions that will help you make a final decision. By so doing, you will ensure that you subscribe to a service and equipment arrangement that fits your needs and goals. Here are some of the important questions you will need to get answers to from the potential providers:

What is the length of the initial contract?
What is the termination policy of the contract?
What features are offered by the service?
What is the additional equipment that the business will need?
What happens if the business changes the number of lines it has?
Is there 24/7 support and where is it located?

If the answers to these questions are not satisfactory, do not be in a rush to sign up the contract. Read through the terms of business including the fine print in the contract to safeguard you from illegal or rogue service providers. This is where you can be assured that an Avaya branded solution provider like Smart IP meets all of the requirements.

How to Prepare

Once you get a reputable and professional service provider, the next step is to prepare for the implementation of the service. You will need to ascertain that your network is ready. Here is a checklist of what needs to be in working order:

Cabling: the Ethernet segment should be built on category 5 or better and has UT/RJ45 connections. Check if they terminate centrally close to the switches.
Power: Can POE be provided by the existing switches or will you need power injectors?
DNS: the DNS servers should be accessible to the network segment
VLAN: Are existing switches capable of providing VLAN?
IP Address: Is there a DHCP server in the LAN segment?
Other areas to look into are the Address Space, topography, documentation, resilience, switching, and network performance.


For the successful implementation of a cloud solution, you will need to contract professionals such as Smart IP. Set clear deadlines when the work needs to start and end. This will be the plan followed during the implementation. The Hosted IP solutions provider will have pre-established guidelines which your business will need to be aware of and which it will use to supervise the work. Employees at your business premises will need to undergo some training prior to and/or after the implementation to ensure smooth transitioning and minimal disruption of work during the entire process.

In conclusion, to remain competitive and relevant in the business world, you need a fast and reliable cloud service solution. Contact Smart IP today at 905-759-2626 for more information on how to make that transition.